Thursday, November 12, 2009

I think I may have changed my mind for my first rug

I know I said I was going to do my original koi artwork for my first rug...but I THINK...I have decided to do something a bit less hard in terms of color changes for my first rug.
I really love Van Gogh's almond blossom painting...and since he is dead and it no longer under copyright laws for me to copy as a rug design...(even though as an artist I cringe at the thought of doing any one else's design!!) I am going to try this! I have always loved this painting...and it is a way for me to have it my home in some way...and as a hooked really will take on a life of its own anyway...
I just really was intimidated when looking at getting all the hand dyed wool colors I would need for my koi rug. This being my first rug...I dont want to totally intimidate myself with color changes as I am hooking either...and this may also cost me a bit less...with less 'wastage" of wool with less colors needed. I'll try to put my own spin on it a bit...but its hard to improve on this beauty! So, now I am awaiting my new wool...which I am asking for for Chirstmas. I know that sounds funny ...but after just spending almost 1,000 on supplies to make rugs...I had to stretch the cost out a bit! So, I get my wool for Christmas! I am happy with that! Patience is a good virtue.
I am going to be selling hand dyed wool here at my art gallery (The Bradley Art from Susan from The Ram In The Thicket. I just couldnt find anyone local to purchase hand dyed wool from. I dont like to buy online..cant tell the colors good to feel it and smell it..etc!!! We will also start selling frames my husband will be making ( he is a home builder) and tools, hooks...and possibly linen and other backings...might as well have it all! Below is Susan's logo...a picture of her beautifully dyed wool...and another logo for the Ram in the Thicket. You can find her online....or if you happen to live in Southern Wisconsin...come to my gallery to buy the wool! It is gorgeous and well priced. She uses Door Wool...very very nice colors..and she has just added Modern and Vibrant colors to the usual primitive colors as well. She is working on creating a nice color swatch set that one can buy to use for color selection and ordering....very nice tool to have!