Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Greenhouse...and my new collection

This is the greenhouse I would love my husband build to the side of our new house that I am hoping to get....we will not have a huge yard at all...but this is something we both would help us survive the winters in here in Wisconsin.  We both love to grow things...and this will enable us to do so in the Winter as well...and keep our mental health better....I think this will be better than drugs or therapy! :)  Just to smell the dirt in winter!  It might have a smaller entranceway than shown here depending on how far into the yard we are able to go with the lot line...
I decided to collect busts of all kinds....even though these are small (bookends) really ...they are the first in my bust/sculpture collection. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Still waiting on the house!

We still are waiting for our financing to be all arranged..etc...for my new home...I pray and pray that it waits for me!!! 

Check out our new future bed frame I am getting on Craigslist.  We pick it up at 6:00 tomorrow...I absolutely love it!  It is just what I have been looking for. I am just so excited.  Now, to get the bedroom in the house I want to PUT this bed in!!  This large King frame will be sitting waiting to go in our new the about putting the cart before the horse...oh well...POSITIVE THINKING!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Win a trip to Paris

Here is the link....good luck!     

Thursday, June 2, 2011

We are still "finagling" on the house

This is a cool little butlers pantry off the formal dining room...I think we will use it as our computer room...perhaps!  Maybe a pretty white desk....
This is the living room...I love the fireplace in that it is there and works..however, we will purty it up a bit with a carved wood mantel surround...its just white painted brick now..not bad- but can be better!
A cool little "nook" in what will be our reading room/library off the master bedroom.
oh, if you are a praying person...pray for us...My husband says I am not very patient...and he is know one way or another would be good for me though...real good!  

Too good to be true!

I found this couch online...I told them I wanted to buy it and am eagerly waiting a reply...they live right by us!  I am out of this world excited !  It is just what I was looking for!  Yea..he e-mailed me...I can get it....I love it I love it I love it....and dont get to jealous....but guess how much???  35.00 ( My husband says I most of forgotten the zeros!!)  Yea for I have to find a still my beating heart!!  I am terrified that it is too good to be true and its full of stains I cant see...and cat pee....??????  No...cats dont pee on couches ...your right!
Yea again...we pick it up tomorrow at 3:00!!  How bad can it be?  It looks perfect!