Thursday, June 2, 2011

We are still "finagling" on the house

This is a cool little butlers pantry off the formal dining room...I think we will use it as our computer room...perhaps!  Maybe a pretty white desk....
This is the living room...I love the fireplace in that it is there and works..however, we will purty it up a bit with a carved wood mantel surround...its just white painted brick now..not bad- but can be better!
A cool little "nook" in what will be our reading room/library off the master bedroom.
oh, if you are a praying person...pray for us...My husband says I am not very patient...and he is know one way or another would be good for me though...real good!  


  1. Oh I am praying hard for you to get this place. It's so cool! I love all the little nooks and beautiful mouldings.
    I can just picture you guys in it!

  2. Laura, the house looks "magical" and it seems to radiate good house karma. I truly believe that houses have personalities and that is why we fall in love with the ones we do.

    Very charming indeed. Can't wait to see you in there.

  3. A good large rug in the living room will grace the interior. A perfectly designed Persian rug will surely fit.