Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New home we are looking at tomorrow!

First of all...I have to say...I made a new blog.  I have been on that blog a bit more than this one....the reason is when I first started this blog it was to be for my artwork...of course, mostly my fiber art (thus the title).  I realized that I was doing less and less fiber art this summer and was really also interested in interior design (thus the fact that I am starting school in a few weeks for interior design!) and especially in all things French.  So, my new blog is about that ...lovingallthingsfrench.blogspot.com.  Until I get moved to our new home (we have been crazily looking for a new home for ourselves...and that has also taken tons of our time up).  Until I have a spot to do my artwork...and spread out and make a mess I probably will not be doing much fiber art. Where we are living now, I just do not have any space...and it makes me a bit nervous to leave everything out and in disarray which creating quilts is naturally and inevitably..its just the way it is!    I may be absent at this site for a bit...BUT I fully intend to get back into my art and have a lot of ideas of work that I want to try.  My focus has been finding a home and my new love of interior design and "All Things French"...reading a lot, taking tons of walks, and enjoying all the garden food my neighbors have been giving us and the beautiful summer weather!
This home we are looking at at 10:00 tomorrow morning and I cannot tell you how much I want this to be our home...how much I want it to work...how much I love the city it is in...how much I love the yard the house sits on....I just love love love this house.  I have been praying a lot through this whole house hunt...but this is really my last hurrah.  If this home does not work out for us I am done with house hunting for quite awhile.  School starts on the 29th and I am so excited!  I will need to put all my energy into school and doing well and HOMEWORK>>. wow...homework again after decades...scares me but also excites me!  I really cant wait.

But this home....is wonderful...we have looked at from the outside...seen the outside lot/property (waterfront with 2 acres!) and already have fallen deeply in love with the house.  We have not seen inside the home...so we are hoping for it to be just as lovely as the outside!  Please pray that this is the end of our search.  It looks like home to me...and feels like home...we would so enjoy the yard and the river.  We could canoe right out our backyard pier...how wonderful would that be?!  The neighborhood is wonderful looking....like I said, we completely fell in love with the city/community and what it has to offer.  So...I will let you know what happens tomorrow I guess!  But we are really are at the end of our long search for the season....if it is meant to be it will be...otherwise we wait till Spring and see what comes up!  I am hoping that the best (this home) was saved for last and will be our home sweet home.

Monday, August 8, 2011

great book

Hi all....I know I have been very very absent!  We have been house hunting and its taken all our time!  However, I have been reading..and this book is awesome!