Thursday, June 2, 2011

Too good to be true!

I found this couch online...I told them I wanted to buy it and am eagerly waiting a reply...they live right by us!  I am out of this world excited !  It is just what I was looking for!  Yea..he e-mailed me...I can get it....I love it I love it I love it....and dont get to jealous....but guess how much???  35.00 ( My husband says I most of forgotten the zeros!!)  Yea for I have to find a still my beating heart!!  I am terrified that it is too good to be true and its full of stains I cant see...and cat pee....??????  No...cats dont pee on couches ...your right!
Yea again...we pick it up tomorrow at 3:00!!  How bad can it be?  It looks perfect!


  1. Nice score, Laura. I hope it looks just as good up close. Best of luck on your trunk hunt.

  2. Geeeez...the phone # he gave me isnt working! He gave me an address and said he would be there between 3-5 tomorrow.. so I dont we just go see if he shows up tomorrow? Agonizing..

  3. Awesome, awesome! I love getting deals like that! Do cats actually use the sofa to pee...I think not! They are much more discerning! Just go and bring hubby! Or other reinforcements. Good luck. My last dining room set went for a song. I'm leaving it with this house. I hope I find a new one with the same kind of friendly price tag! Hey!! We got the house! Thinking of your house hunt! Keep me posted!