Saturday, April 9, 2011

Done with the top of "Mosaic Squares"!

Not good pictures...just laying on the top of my table and I couldn't get at a good angle..and its actually not even the right will hang vertically not horizontally as, the sunshine is coming in on it....but it is done!  Not the quilting...just the top.  I love how it turned out.  I will take another picture of it hanging on the wall when its all done.  This was really fun... a lesson in imperfection and not worrying about it.  Stripes were intentionally not cut perfect and do not lie even on the small pieces..thus causing your eye to move quite a causes movement.  Each square is a different size and not even perfectly rectangle or square at all.... I didnt even measure the placement of each larger square..I just eyeballed so it didnt bother me...but again, intentionally did not want anything perfect.  I would recommend everyone try doing this type of thing every once in awhile to let loose! :)
 Just finished this book and it is very very very good...I highly recommend it!
This is on the top of my list of things I would love to buy.....(someday before it is not available any more) of those things no one NEEDS but I sure do want!  It is from Signals catalog.  It just makes me happy.  Sigh....
 This is one of my smartest and best purchases that came in the mail today!  Used prescription glasses frames.  I got them on for 12.00!!! (Plus shipping).  I broke the only pair I had and haven't been able to afford new glasses as they are, as many of you know, very expensive.  These are really nice frames.  I am just going to have them pop these lenses out and put my prescription in! (Whoever had these was blind as a bat and I cant even see what I look like with them on its such a blur :)) A savings of hundreds I am sure!  yea for me!


  1. Hi Laura,
    I am loving your quilt and can't imagine doing something like that! It looks complicated but it looks like fun too! Hope they don't charge you an arm and leg to get your prescription in those glasses. I did the same thing and bought some from Ebay. My eye Dr. still charged 200.00 to put in prescription! Still better than 3 or 400.00!!
    Thanks for the compliment on my hair! I need a trim and am growing out the bangs now...... it's driving me crazy! I do like being able to pull it back and out of the way when doing all the rug hooking etc. (Emmy Lou H. is an idol of mine..... bless your sweet heart!)
    Hope you are having some of these nice days down there..... finally! Spring storms are predicted for tomorrow south of us...... hope you have a basement to go into in case of tornadoes! Stay safe!
    Cathy G

  2. Love the new quilt top. For whatever reason, perhaps the stripes and colours, it reminds me of licorice allsorts - one of the best candies EVER! But I'm sure it will look spectacular when done - can't wait to see.

    Re the glasses, I feel your pain. My lenses alone are over $500, so the used frames are a brilliant idea.