Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hoping to get a used sewing machine in a couple weeks so I can quilt again!

Memory Craft 2400...I am trying to buy this used.....I have been told a place in town will service it.  It is missing its power cord...I just cant wait though to start quilting old machine bit the dust...and I havent had the money to buy a new or used one....This should suffice for awhile I think.....till I can somday buy the creme de le creme...whatever that is at the time!

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  1. machine has been in the shop for over a month and he finally called today Jan 5th. It should be done in less than a week. YEa!!!! I havent even used the machine yet and have not been able to sew due to no machine for months..I have been trying to be patient...but I cant wait to get back to quilting.