Saturday, February 11, 2012

Starting to knit!

I started my first knitting class at The Sow's Ear in Verona, WI.  I just loved it!  I had taken a knitting class like 23 years ago and have knit a couple scarves etc...but when I tried to figure out how to knit gloves or a hat etc...I was at a complete loss.  So I figured I would start at ground the beginning and learn all over again.  I was afraid I was not even doing the basics right anymore.  The teacher was awesome and the atmosphere at this place was so warm and inviting...oh to look at all the yarns!  I do love fibers!  My favorite part of any fiber art project is picking out the fabric and yarns.  The colors and textures just make me salivate and I get so excited about my project. 

Our homework is to just work on knit and purl stitches...switching back and forth.  I am a bit concerned because me fingers and more specifically my knuckles already are hurting.  That would stink if I found my arthritis may threaten my ability to knit well.  Im going to do it anyway!  If I have to stop and take breaks and not knit for such long periods of time than so be it. 


  1. Laura,
    That shop looks wonderful!! Wished I lived closer I would take the class with you!!! I hope your fingers will loosen up and you can knit away without pain! Take it easy and lots of breaks as you say!!!!
    Cathy G

  2. You know, if you take it easy, it will probably help with the arthritis. Mittens and socks aren't as hard as they seem...gloves, now...not so sure!
    Cool that you're doing this!