Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A note about habits or schedules

"The pleasure of doing a thing in the same way at the same time every day, and savoring it, should be noted."
Arnold Bennett

Whenever I visit my parents I am struck by the fact that they are retired and do not need to do anything all day....however, they have a schedule.  Its a very precise schedule full of habits and rituals that stitch their days together.  It was very comforting and somehow when I left I missed this rituals.  For instance, at this time, they got the mail, at this time they went out to get the paper and then they read it from this time to this time, at this time we had coffee, at this time we take a nap, at this time we watch a certain show on tv, at this time we read our books, at this time-at this particular day of the week- we clean the bathrooms,  etc.... It made the day flow and gave it purpose.  There was a certain calmness about it.  Both my parents seemed to have this schedule down pat and never talked about it...yet these things just went on.  It was a life dance.  I thought about how, currently I am not working and how my days end up full of doing nothing!  I laugh and say you know when you have less to do you get nothing done!  I sit in my pajamas WAY too long..I wake up at all different hours of the day and go to sleep at all different times...not good.  I somehow, even when I have ALL not get my artwork done...even though that is what I want to do the most.  What...I am too busy????!!!  House work does not get done except sporadically...when it really screams out to me to get it down.  The result is I feel sporadic!  I feel like a leaf or feather blowing in the Forrest Gump contemplates at the end of the movie.  Blowing in the wind....My question to you is...What is your schedule like?  Do you have rituals for yourself during the day?  How does this help you?  Both for your sanity and for actually getting things done?  Do you stick with it?  
 Isnt this lovely.  It is on a wall in a bed and breakfast in Michigan.  It makes me want to paint one like this or maybe make one similar with rug hooking or an art quilt?  How pretty would that be?

 These fake ferns are from Pottery Barn- I think--I love them for spring!
 What an awesome hooked rug...sorry I dont know who made this!  But I love how they framed it..
I am really feeling the need to create order to my days and feel I would love some inspiration on this.  Help me out!  Yesterday really felt like Spring and I am ready to do some "Spring cleaning" in my life!

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  1. Maybe the rug framed is Wandas? I will have to do some investigating.