Thursday, April 12, 2012

fabrics from clothing items etc..

I know, this is a beautiful jacket for sure.  But it is a size small and I am a size huge..especially with Asian clothing as they tend to run small. is the thing.  I bought this for the will be all cut up and used in an art quilt!  I am very excited about this!  My mother is appalled!  I have no idea why using this jacket for purposes of my art isnt a regal way of using this jacket!...Well, the jacket should be pleased and be used in such a  way!  :)  Kind of like The Giving Shell Silversteen.  How the tree loved the different ways it was being used right up to the end.  My mom gave me a wool jacket the other day.  It was very out of date but a nice jacket ...the wool is a lovely shade of gold...I knew I could use it for my rug hooking.  I made the mistake of telling my mom...she gasped!  You are going to cut this up??? She asked.  Yes, mom, its lovely wool for my rugs.  She shook her head and I almost thought she was going to snatch it back and not let me have the outdated wool jacket!  Maybe when she sees the rug and I show her ...see the jacket you gave me? it is ...making my rug beautiful!  I told her to listen to Dolly Parton's song...My Coat of Many Colors...that my mamma made for me.  Which is based on a true story and how she loved that coat made from reused clothing and other items and the love that it possessed.  Doesnt using cloth from the past sort of give your rugs and art quilts a certain history without being old?  A story to tell?  I love reusing.  Course I am a huge old houses and antiques for the very same reason.  They have heart...they have soul ..they have instant warmth, energy and history.  Here is the jacket I will be cutting up for a new art quilt.  I may have to call it  My Quilt of Many Colors "that my mamma cringed that I made"!  Will I ever be understood!  LOL  :)  Happy Day to all of you....its so beautiful here.  I will soon be taking my hour this weather!!


  1. Good Gravy woman that is one beautiful Jacket, it is the stuff dreams are made of , good call on owning it, I'll need to see it every once and awhile here though ok?

  2. I sure do wish I could wear a small..but no way! So, I will show you later what it was made to be...I have to try to keep its beauty and still cut into it! It is so pretty its a huge responsibility! :)