Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My new thrift store sweater.  I am not going to be buying too many new fall/winter clothes this year...but really wanted a sweater like this...also bought a nice cream turtleneck to go under...  Looking for some new comfy boots...I plan on wearing this all the time...why on my fiber art blog...well...its I guess only if I had knit it!  Alas....I just wanted to share.  Hope its not too itchy!
 And here are the boots that I am going to win....just watch!  If anybody is bidding on these know that I AM GOING to get these boots regardless of price!!  Haaaa MUaaaaaa!  Im really just kidding ...sort of! :)   but I do love them and I do hope I win them...they look really comfy and they are my size!!  I will wear the living daylight out of these boots!  I will know in a little over an hour. Oh yea..;they are mine!!! YEA....I cant wait to live in these!  I love all BORN shoes and clogs and boots....BORN is my favorite brand second only to RIKER brand.....YiPEEEE

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