Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My rug hooking "Studio" or Where I HOOK!

I finally got some more wool from my supplier so I can continue.  Have I was setting back up.  Since I am always at my art gallery..6 days a week and because it is a lovely and artful place anyway...I hook at work!  So, I finally set myself up to permanantly hook here...Everything is movable because it is after all my retail gallery space.  Its all on wheels...I found this cool shelving unit on wheels...I found I definatley have to have somewhere for me to "lay out" the wool I have to choose from and make it accessable as I far this seems pretty good...I may include a small rolling flat table as I can mess up things even I hook...I am new at this...and have no one around (yet) to hook I dont know what other people do.  For me...this all had to be moveable.  I have a large Cheticamp type frame at home as well and I will be buying a lap/travel frame as soon as I can afford one.  But I think, with all the time that I am here..this is where I will be mostly hooking! The thought of carrying the worms all around seems chaotic...I guess learning to travel with hooking takes a bit of experience.   I like that my customers are so interested in what I am doing...its fun to talk about it with them and they all want a demo.  It really doesnt seem to matter that in no way , shape or form am I an expert at this....people dont know much about they dont know!  I do tell them I am learning and always will be!  Above is my wooly guardian of my hooking area!  I guess I will name him Wooly...not very original ...I know!  I am going to have my husband make me two more shelves for the rolling cart I have was for its missing the top...he'll figure something out!

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