Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New book I want to read

As I am an avid journal keeper myself....I just heard about this book and have ordered it from my library.  Cant wait to read it!  
I ran out of wool and had to stop!!!  UGHHHH!  My wool dyer, Susan, says my wool will be sent out around Thursday.  I suppose I will get it on Monday or Tuesday...  I can hardly wait to start hooking again!  It has been miserable not to be able to hook!  I just cant stand it!!!! So, once I get hooking again I will put some pics of my progress here.  I sure have the hooking bug!  I wish I had all the wool I needed and wanted at my disposal!  But I dont....so this is how I have to work it for now.  Susan is very understanding and cooperative.  Once she gets her samples of all her colors done...I will buy the whole set...and then it will be much easier to figure out what colors I need and how much etc....She is almost done with these samples.  It has been a lengthy and expensive project for her.  If you are interested in purchasing samples (and hand dyed wool) from The Ram in the Thicket ---google her website...and let her know! Tell her I sent you!  She does all the primitive colors and the vibrant and modern colors as well.  Most other internet sites I have found do not even come close the color choices she has!  I am very impressed.  And the wool is luxurious!  So I am trying to be patient...so I can hook again and be happy!

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