Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Items I am waiting for in the mail! New quilt ideas

Isnt this a cool clock!  There are 2 drawers that open on the bottom...I fell in love with it.
 This is a portfolio of old french illustrations....I plan on framing some of them in a grouping.
A sculpture I loved....cant wait for it!  Contemplative Ballerina             
I am going to start doing French Oil paintings for my quilts....this may be hard...but I want to try and see what happens as this is what I want on my walls....I will incorporate some painting on the fabric as well as "stitch drawing" and perhaps some other embellishments....I have to see what happens.  I am excited about this new direction.  I dont know if I will start this summer or wait till fall....I am hoping to have moved to a new home in the fall so I may wait to get all settled in the new studio space...and also, I am just so busy outdoors with the nice weather...like everybody else, that its not as inciting to me to sit inside and work on my art. 

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