Saturday, May 28, 2011

some new finds and a new (hopeful home)

This is a home that I am beyond excited about.  After all the homes we have looked at for months...we are finally putting an offer in on this home on Tuesday.  Then begins the agonizing process of the "game" that is real estate buying...contingencies etc.. I am praying and praying.  This home has everything that I ever wanted checklists of wants are all checked!  I lay in bed decorating in my head.  I told my realtor I would die if I dont get this house and she rolled her eyes and said "Of course you wont Laura"...and of course she is right.  However ,I do so want this house.  I am willing the house through my " house to Laura telepathic energy" not to let anyone else like it and not to let anyone else buy it except me....assuming of course that the house has that power and really dont you think that perhaps there is that kind of energy??....(kidding---sort of :)).  I told the house that it was mine...and I am sure it was waiting for me...and that I would be there soon!  OK....positive thinking doesn't hurt!!...nor does losing my mind a least the realtor says its nice that I am excited!  If all goes well...I'll post more pics...otherwise?
These I got for my daughters room...we'll see if she likes them...otherwise I like the  monarch one for a bathroom maybe???  I dont know it was one of those strange things I bought...and wondered about...:)
I dont think this mirror is made of wood...which bums me out...I thinks its resin or plastic..I dont know..but I do love it anyway!
I am going to paint this coat rack gold...

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  1. Laura,
    We are in the exact same spot! We put an offer on our dream house yesterday...but with the holiday weekend, we won't hear anything until Tuesday. The waiting is the worst! You are doing great to visualize being in there, decorating, putting your things away in cabinets, setting up furniture. I really believe that our thinking makes it so...and the more positive, the better! Tell you what, I'll envision you in this wonderful Victorian if you'll envision me in an antique cape!!
    Best, best, best of luck!