Thursday, January 26, 2012

I am so excited!  I know people may not give 2 hoots but I finally got my sewing machine back from the sewing machine repair man!  It took 2 months! I havent had a sewing machine for months before that as the old Kenmore I was using just wasnt cutting it for the free motion quilting that I wanted to use the machine for.  Probably, the old Kenmore would have just been fine for regular piecing but it was making me cry!  So, now this evening I have plugged my new baby in and am satisfied that the light turned on!  Tomorrow I will try to figure out how it all works.  I have never had a digital machine before and I really am not a sewer in the first place so I never really learned how to use a machine.  Now, I have to learn the proper way to take care of a good machine.  I got this one used and then had it all tuned up and it needed some parts.  I have 2 projects that I am going to make myself finish even though I really dont want to.  I want to start something totally new.  But I will make myself be good.  My sister wants me to make a quilt for her wedding and I have a whole new avenue of art quilts I want to try to pursue.Ive shown some pictures of where I want to go with my quilting...I have a new love for all things french...and want my home to reflect that type of look so I feel if I am going to hang my quilts in my own house I want them to have the right look for my decor....usually I am quite eclectic so I probably will always be eclectic but want to try to have the french antique persuasion evident. 

I love this color for the walls.  I have been thinking of doing the dining room this color.  This is a very hard color to get right.  You dont want it too pink or too peachy....its a very specific color or it will look awful I think.  If anyone knows of a good paint color and brand that would be right let me know!

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