Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Starting a new blog and etc...

I got this new print.  I love it.  Will have to get framed.  Not sure how it is going to fit in with the rest of my decor....but it just made me happy.   It would make a neat hooked rug wouldnt it?
I am starting a new blog. called  The Enchanted Attic.  It is not done at we are still finalizing the house that will house the Attic for my studio!  I am putting the cart before the house...AGAIN!  But trying to be positive.  All 3 houses that we are looking at have wonderful studio attic then I will start this association and classes and workshops.  Since my art gallery closed I really do need this outlet for myself and love to create art with people instead of always on my own.  So, stay tuned because even if you live too far away to be a part of the classes and workshops you will be able to experience them online as they will all be videotaped.  I am really excited at this new endeavor.  Hope you will follow me on this journey as I think it will be worthwhile!  

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