Monday, July 16, 2012

We finally moved to our new house!

Our new house!  We moved in 2 weeks ago.  It will be a huge work in progress.  If you like home decorating as well as fiber arts like I do you may want to follow me/us on my other blog which is more about our total house remodel project and other of my ramblings. ( I am on that blog much more than this one...mostly as my focus has been finding a home and decorating etc...more than creating artwork lately.  This isnt to say that I am not very very excited to get my art studio built and start being more creative again very soon!!  My husband will be building a  2 story garage (the house currently does not have a garage any longer since the fall of the carriage house.) with an art studio on the bottom.  This will be the nicest art studio space that I have ever had and will overlook the creek running in our yard and will have a walk out to a deck with a hot tub...He is going to put a fireplace in my studio and I sit and dream and plan away at my potential future space!  Also, I asked him to put a kitchenette and 3/4 bath in the studio so I wont have to go to the main area of the house till I am good and done with creating on any given day or into the night!.....SO..I do have plans to once again get creating. When we get to the art studio building and creating...this I will post on this blog!
 I cant tell you how relieved we are to have moved and can quit looking and to be in our, hopefully, forever home.  This house is old and needs so much work and love.  We have a 16 page list we are going to try to follow to keep us on task.  Basically, we are taking things one room at a time.  Not so fun, but needed, is to start in the basement.  So, I will not be posting any house remodel pics till after the basement is done. (It is a really yucky basement....I wont even go down there....)  The house will not always be husband has plans to brick it with antique cream city bricks and stone.  His specialty is masonry so he really excited to have this be his masonry masterpiece!  We have so much to do that it is easy for me to get totally overwhelmed.  I have to remind myself to be patient. 
We moved to a new city so Its been fun to do some exploring and learning and meeting new people.  However, as you can tell by the grass in the picture above, we are experiencing a heat wave and drought that is surpassing even what we had in 1988....Its bad...and its hot...and we dont have air conditioning!  In fact, many of the old windows do not even work properly and many do not have its been really uncomfortable and its been too hot to even walk around the town.  But everything IS in walking distance once the weather is tolerable.   My first new friends have been my swimming ladies.  Every day at 11:00 I go right across the street to the city pool and do water aerobics.  I love it...and I love my new swimming friends!  In fact, one of them mentioned the possibility of starting an art group when she found out I was an artist.  I always thought a small art group whether or not they did the same art as you or not, would be fun and help to keep ourselves accountable to keep at creating art.  If you know you have 'show and tell' or whatever or at least someone to show what you've been up to, you would/might be more likely to get yourself creating!  Also, we could collaborate our own little art shows a couple times a year.  Course, I also want to start a local book club as I dont want to be driving to my old book club anymore and I was thinking I wanted to start a dinner group here as well.  I love to entertain and I also love to see other people's homes...and Im a these are some things, besides starting my new church (a block away!) that I am looking forward to starting and getting involved with!  I want to start a women's ministry group at my new church in the fall.   (Wish you, my blogging friends lived close so you could be a part of all of it!) 
If you dont mind, I might just plop down and write about my life here even though I am not creating art right now.  My art is trying to figure out how to remodel and decorate my home...which is art! I still spend quite a bit of time compiling fiber art ideas and looking at what every body else is doing.  I am going to go to Rachelle LeBlanc's Rug hooking week retreat...I thought it was this August...but then I found out its not until next year!  Alls good though as I really was not in the right place yet to be going to week retreat right now.  Cant wait already till next year...I love Rachelle and I love her rug hooking!  I am so inspired by her work.  If anyone wants to go with me in Michigan next summer let me know as it already filling up and believe it or not you already need to put your deposit in!  It will coincide with the big rug hooking convention every year..which I am having a brain fart right now with the name of it but you know!  The retreat is just an hour I was thinking of going to that for the first 2-3 days and then on to the retreat with Rachelle.  Like I said, I would love to drive with someone(if you live anwhere near me) or at least room with someone...its more fun that way!  Let me know.
The Artistry of Hooking People Workshop and retreat
Musso Farm, South Haven, Michigan
August 18-21, 2013
Classes will be from 9-4:00.   Cost Details-$750 total
Includes Artistry of Rug Hooking Workshop book and wool for skin tones and hair color.
Contact : Jenny Drilon
 Accomodations. Private room, meals provided. This is a lovely farm with many sleeping options. There are two houses and a couple of cottages. Classes will take place in the main house unless weather permits we will hook in a lovely screen porch. Meals will take place in the main house. Rooms will be in Main house, cottages and Riverside.

Under Watchfull Eyes, Rachelle LeBlanc Hooked Rug 

Oh, and this--to the right is an awesome book I am reading....I highly recommend it!  I keep my journal right next to me...and I write as much as read...I have to remember all the good stuff for later! :)


  1. Oh, Laura! I am so excited for you! What a long journey it's been for you both to find your dream home. It's wonderful!! I'll have to pop over to your other blog to see your work in progress take shape. I'm thrilled for you!! Your studio plans sound divine!
    Many hugs and a nice glass of bubbly!

  2. For someone that really loves home decoration, I’m sure the fact that you will be fixing up and redecorating the new house just makes the moving a more fun experience. Adding your own decorations is like putting your own personal touch on the house, making it feel like your home sooner.

  3. What a sweet home you have! Congratulations on finally moving in. 16 pages worth of changes you’re going to be making sounds like quite an undertaking, but I’ve always believed that if you take care of your home, it will take care of you. Hope you’ve managed to get everything done by now!

    1. Thank you Calvin! Oh, if you only have hardly gotten anything done...($$$$). However, it is really feeling like home as I have started decorating and putting all my stuff out of the boxes. A huge lesson in patience. But I am grateful...the house has tons of potential and its I am extremely blessed. Everything in its season. What kind of a fiber artist are you? (assuming you are):)

  4. Both of you deserve a beautiful property. You will do good on re-decorating it too. Thanks for sharing.