Saturday, November 24, 2012

Video to watch of rug artist

I came across this on my facebook page tonight.  I loved watching it.  A lot of you have been telling me over and over...use what you find...use other things than wool...just hook with whatever!...That I dont have to buy expensive wool....(even though the hand dyed wools are soooooo nice!)  But I like her point that it becomes more folk art more like how women used to hook ..with what they found...and has more meaning and life and history...before you even finish the rug...because of the materials...and I thought about this...this is how I decorate my home and dress myself as well.  I like used things.  I like the history of objects and the variety you get when you acquire those things that speak to you and that make you happy and not that they necessarily are the "correct" or "in" thing....but the objects...or in this case, the materials for your art...make you happy even while you are making it.  To me, after all...its in the dream, the gathering, and the making that makes me want to continue always making art.....for me...that's almost all of it....and when I love what I have made...all the better!  It is neat to look at it finished and remember the journey you had while making it.  What was happening in your life?  What events took place?  What space where you in in your life at that time?  Where did the materials come from?  Etc....But I get such sanity and peace and healing and excitement from creating art....that that IS what is important. She encouraged me to get creative......which is always good.  Today, I started setting up my "art studio" space....getting everything out of boxes...etc...its going to take awhile and will probably get moved many times before I end up where I am supposed to be in the house...but the thing with rug hooking as opposed to my that I can grab the hoop (like she did in this video) and just sit anywhere...which is nice when I finally get all my supplies and wool and cutter etc...out so it all can be grabbed.  Happy Hooking!

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