Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Not exactly fiber art...but...sparkle time!

Here is my new sweater...which I think is almost fiber art!! :) but technically not. Made in a factory...and mass produced...etc...however, I love the textures and color.  This is part of  my New Years Eve outfit for this year...I love to wear sparkles on Christmas and New Years.  Dont let anyone take away your sparkle!!
 Another idea for a rug--I am into horses and ships...for some reason.  Do not have a horse or a boat...nor do I sail or live on the ocean...still love ships right now...looking for a huge model ship that I like.
 This is a rug I am gathering wool for...bought this way too small wool suit online and will use for the blue in this rug and maybe the sailing ship if I do that.
 I would like to do an English Flag for my family room in rug hooking....will make it look a bit old...tea stained kind of...

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