Monday, December 17, 2012

"Say Hello to my little friend!"

Those of you who know the movie (Pacino)...know what that saying is all about...but this is not THAT!!  I got a new puppy on Sunday....Still have not named him...I feel like I need to live with him a bit and his name will come forth.  He sure is cute.  He is a mix of schnauzer and bichon frieze.  Called a chonzer.  All I know he is cute!  I suppose as he gets older I will have his hair cut as a schnauzer but now he has that just got from bed look :) !!!!  Bed head!  He is more himself than he has been the first 2 he is feisty...and I am saying to myself ..oh my, what have I done??!!  But he is going outside pretty good heres hoping potty training will be successful...I have to keep my eye on him 24-7  as he is chewing on cords and shoes and anything he thinks smells and looks like it needs chewing.  His cuteness will get him through....I keep telling myself ..this too shall pass and then he will be awesome.  He really is heart is exploding with love for him already.  I cannot leave his sight or he cries like someone is torturing him,...hey, at least I feel needed and loved for sure!!!  Here are some camera went dead after I took these so I cant take more till I go get batteries. We named him Hans. 

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