Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Had to show you some more of my pictures!

This is my hustband Tim and I enjoying some spring time outside...and the rest are more pictures of my botanical garden trip .  I can see all them ( except the robin and us)...as a rug someday!!!  It feels exciting to think of my next rug allready..makes me want to get my first one done!  I am thinking of doing some birds as a rug though...I made a list of all the things I love that I could use as inspiration for a rug...and birds was high on the list..,of course botanical themes are popular with me...hostas are my favorite...so I know I have to do a rug of hostas...If I do a bird rug...for some reason I am thinking my first bird rug will be of doves....I have a lot of other people's pictures of doves but I wanted to try to get my own pictures of doves to use....I dont know if this is possible as I do not see them very often to take pics of them....so I may have to use other people's photos for detail and compile my own composition.  I always think big when I am thinking of doing paintings and rugs ...I am starting to think..that I should cut everything in half than the usual large size I think of doing initially..and do smaller rugs and paintings. That way I can finish them quicker and change what I am working on more often..keeping my interest higher!  Also...they fit better on walls...not everyone has such huge spaces on their walls for a large rug to be dispayed.

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