Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first Hook In!!!

Just got back from my first rug hook in!  The Cream City Rug Hookers put this on every year in West Allis, WI.  about an hour and 1/2 from wasnt an all day afair..we stayed only about 4 hours and didnt hook at all...there was too much else to do!  I just wanted to people...see other people work on their rugs and see what they have made and what they are working on.  I had a fantastic just made me want to go home and get hooking!  I loved this Jack Russel Terrior Rug above...isnt it fantastic?  I voted on the rug above (which didnt photograph well)...of one my favorite spots in Wisconsin to hike..Its the one above with the rock formations...I just loved the originality of could be made better in a few lacked definition in some spots...some things got a bit muddy and you couldnt tell what exactly you were looking at.....however, for me the originality of it is what I loved....the composition...the subject matter..the colors....What surprised me was that a rug designed by Deanne Fitzpatrick won the best of show here.....I really couldnt believe how little they all cared about originality!?  I mean it was done well...and I DID love it also...I would hang it my home...I love Deanne's designs...but I feel originality should be encouraged more.  I am a newby so who gives two hoots what I think...I am sorry I dont have the names of the artists on the rugs above...The lady peeking over her rug with the apple tree...she is going to be new rug friend of mine...she lives close to me....just the nicest lady!! I will let you know what her name and more about this fascinating lady later!  I felt like I was sitting next to someone who could really impart some wise wisdom to me ...not only about rug hooking...but life too!  The woman with the purse that she created is Ellie Beck...she was my driver today.  I just met her and she also lives close to I am sure we will see each other again as well.  I met lots of people that are interested in coming to my new guild that I am trying to create here in Stoughton at my gallery....I really think this will be getting off the ground soon...We could hook right in the gallery but I would really like the classroom to be finished first so we have really good task lighting if needed. ( My idea of a perfect place really for a guild meeting would be in front of a roaring matter what time of year!)  But alas I have no fireplace at the gallery...kay serra serra...  More later!  Happy Hooking!

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