Friday, April 2, 2010

This is a really good book to read!

I am almost done reading this book .  It is especially poignant to me as my children are almost exaclty the same age as hers...I too am experience the empty nest thing. One graduating college in well as one just finishing her first year in high school and another one that will be on to college after one more year of high school...Point Katrina we miss our babies...we miss what it meant to be a hands on Mommy...needed in the way you are when your kids were younger...and no least not in the same way at all....I feel she understands my bittersweet thoughts the same way...wistfullness...and uncertainty....and yes hope....but it is just the book I needed to read right now...Even if your kids are a bit younger or older already...I think you will be able to relate to her....I sit with my journal and write almost everything down...there is just such juicy tidbits of thoughts and quotes and feelings....that I dont want to forget!  If you read this...grab your journal too...journal on one leg...the book on the other!  Enjoy!

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