Sunday, November 21, 2010

I won this! And other thoughts on winning!

I won this from following their blog fun!  They are in Michigan...and they said "come on in and pick it up"..I had to call them and ask them to send it!  How wonderful though!  I told them I would post it for further advertising.  It was from "Pink Sugar Kisses" company that makes soaps and lotions etc...through the "Yellow Door Market" Blog Site.  I think as part of their grand opening celebrations.  Nice to win sometimes isnt it?  I feel so special!  I'll have to see if this becomes someones x-mas gift or I use it myself.

My youngest daughter and I went to the Woman's Expo yesterday...I think I have only missed it one year...since the last 10 years...I really was looking forward to seeing Molly Ringwald as I grew up with her with The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles...etc...She talked mostly about being a mom with young kids..a topic I am a bit past in my life...but it was still nice to see her.  Amanda and I had fun...we always sign up to win about 50 things...some as big as a car and a trip and other smaller we have to wait to see later today if I won anything big....I acutally won one of the main prizes about 5 years ago ( a kayak) so I think my luck is done with this expo!...Buy never know...sure would love the trip to Mexico!!!!I could use a vacation.  Statistically I probably have the same chances of winning even though I have won in the past...dont you think?  

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  1. congrats Laura on winning that nice assortment! You could divide it up and use some yourself and give some as gifts. Just a thought! I hope you win again from the Expo! It does make us feel special when we win something, and especially now when most of us are not buying for ourselves due to financial stress!
    Enjoy! and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    Cathy G