Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New old Sewing Machine...from Spokane Washington to Wisconsin!

Ok...I am now the proud of owner of this old Kenmore Sewing Machine  (Kenmore 10 model # 385.1249180)  I only tell you this because it was bought used from and it hasnt gotten to me yet..and I just realized that it is missing the extension table part in front!  I called them and  YEP gall darn is missing!....If you know if anyone who has this old machine that wouldnt mind me nabbing this piece because they never sew anyway...let me know!  What a shot in the dark..but I thought I would try!.  I called Sears and I cannot order this part anymore. Bummer..I guess I thought you could always find a Sears matter how old...I guess I can probably use it without this piece and jimmy rig something that will work has no purpose except to give you more flat working space to sew...kind of important...but I guess I could find something to fit in there..   I have 2 sewing machines...also very cabinets...but I am going to try and sell those...I dont have room for a whole cabinet type machine...I wanted something portable that I can use on my dining room table and move off when I am not using it.  Someday I would love to have an art studio...and when and if that ever happens I will buy I lovely non portable sewing machine.with a huge work station....but this is going to have to do for now!  I figure you cant beat the good quality of Sears...nothing fancy...but should work for a novice sewer like myself...  I want to try my hand at doing some art quilting...and I also need it to do some finishing with my rug hooking projects like the tote bag I want to make...   I also am going to sew some drapes for the house....I am really quite excited to have a working, available machine again!.  I dont even know where the other 2 are...hidden in the basement or garage this will be great...

By the way...NOW is the time to go get your Paper White Bulbs at your local Walmart, hardware store, Farm and Fleet, or nursery....This picture if from a very expensive store./White need to go all out and spend tons..the cheap ones are just as pretty....and you can find any ol shallow pot you have around to put them in....small rocks from outside work well...I usually put some dirt in the mix....but you dont have too...I just think it helps the roots to grab....You'll have pretty flowers for X-mas...I dont have any luck with Amaryllis bulbs..they never seem to bloom for me...but the Paper Whites...always work.....albeit they are a bit stinky when they bloom. ..not your prettiest smelling flower for sure!
 These Wine hat and scarves are so give a bottle of wine at Christmas time...I had to share....One could make these quite easily...either by sewing or knitting them--yourself!...neat idea I thought!  If you want to buy these this comes from the Sundance Catalog...(one of my favorite catalog/stores of all times...but very very expensive!)


    maybe they will part with the part :)

  2. can you show me how to use this machine i got on in a storage and it looks like it has everything i think...even the piece your missing. however that may be i still dont know how to use it...

  3. Randy...I downloaded the instruction manual online and printed for free. Just google Kenmore sewing machine manuals and look for the model #. I might have bought it for a small amount to download ..I cant remember. But it is there. Its a basic older machine..I got a new one since then and I already do not like it as much! The Kenmore is a workhorse...basic but good.