Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Perfect Border fabric

Hi.   Probably like a year ago...I started this quilt.  It is all done on the top and then I was waiting for my new sewing machine...which I have had for months...but here is the thing...I am stupidly using this quilt to figure out my new machine...and it isnt working out too well...the stitches are horrendous...I have a lot to learn about working with my Janome...I think I thought it was all just going to be so easy...but I think every time you get a new machine you should never work on a quilt until you understand the machine perfectly!!!...you should just fiddle with scraps...I get SO IMPATIENT;...so now, I am going to finish this damn quilt...I am trying to be creative (and the quilt wont win any awards for craftsmanship) but I am going to put bugle and other bead work over the icky stitches!  See, one just has to learn to hide your mistakes...in watercolor...I call them happy accidents....no reason why I cant with quilting as well!  Anyhoo.....today I won this awesome tapestry fabric in an auction...I am so excited that maybe it will become the border of this quilt in some way..not sure how much of it or how exactly I will use it for the border--now that I put it up online..not sure I do like it together..maybe too busy...maybe just the right kind of busy....not sure yet!  But I really need to see them next to one another in person.      I have been wondering what I could do with the border...and now I think I may  have found the missing piece to this art!  Cant wait now to finish it...even though its imperfect in just about every way...right now I feel like it fits me to a tee.....my life is kind of a mess too .......at least the quilt is a  pretty mess....When life gives you lemons...you know!  Im still glad I got this fabric..(which wasnt cheap by the way...someone else really wanted it too...and I bid way too high.....)  I will use it someday ...in some way...its nice isnt it?

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