Friday, May 11, 2012

The Purple House

The Purple House....obviously, we would need to paint right away...and then perhaps Tim will brick it with old cream city brick....than would look very nice. 
Good Morning!  Today we are looking at the Purple House.  This is our last chance to own a house.  The house we are renting is sold and we have to move out by the 22nd!  We had an offer on a house..which just wasnt meant to be I guess.  If we do not like this house or for some reason this house does not work out then we will have to rent month to month...somewhere furnished and put all of our packed boxes in storage until our money is liquid and we can actually buy without trying for creative financing.  I have been praying and praying that the timing for our finances could work out for us...but now we are totally running out of time.  I cannot tell you enough how stressful and sad and exhausting it has been ...this search for a home....this hoping that the money comes....I pray pray pray...and wonder what God's plan could possibly be for me.  He asks us to pray without ceasing...ask you and you shall receive....I know his plan is always better than any I could ever come up with...but I am very confused as to what good can come from us being so stressed at the last be packing with no where to have the possibility really to be homeless for a time .....I am SO TOO old for this!  I cannot see the benefit in any way, shape, or form...and I try to be patient...I try to say to God...your will be done...etc etc..etc... but I just dont understand his will.....and I am feeling forgotten and uncared for by him actually.
So,  I found this house yesterday...its our last ditch effort to find a home that we could live with...(live IN) and that we actually like and that we could move into by the 22nd!!!  This is a very very very cheap.  (Maybe God will like that part~lol)  Maybe he thought all the other houses were too expensive for us....maybe he knows something I do not and it would be better to have a cheap house....he DOES know after all that Tim can fix and make anything in the house better himself as he is a builder....So, this house is bank owned...and affordable and empty.  It is in a town very close...much closer than we were looking previously.  (Nicer to be closer to my parents and for my youngest child who has 1 more year of high school before going off to college).  Obviously it needs some work...but from the pictures anyway..there seems to be potential.  I am praying some more and keeping my fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts bouncing off everywhere...positive energy ......positive energy.....I like some of the nice details in the house...the size is right...2500 sq ft....the yard is nice...1 acre with a stream....We see this house in 2 1/2 hours.....and if it does not work out...we desperately will need to find a rental...and storage units for our house full of stuff....this is not going to be fun. I try to keep going forward...but we are out of options.  Still if for some reason, this be my last day to live...I dont want to live it so sad and worried....I will try to be happy.....carpe diem regardless!
Hoping there is enough room in here to add a separate shower.

I am loving the windows!!! Nice right?  Has potential...right?


  1. LOVE the house! I see potential everywhere!! OMG- your own stream!! What more could you want!
    Hope everything works out for you Laura!
    Cathy G

    1. Thanks Cathy! Well...we saw it..and IT DOES NEED WORK...but we are putting in an offer...we did verbally to the bank (it is bank owned) and I am waiting to see if they verbally will accept...than we go from there in writing. We can move in when we need to...if all works out. Still not holding my breath...I even been down this road a couple times...and like I always say aint over till the fat lady sings! There is pet the whole house. Apparently they were letting the cats go down in the basement without a litter box...who would be so gross....?????
      And also, the realtor believes the large dogs and cats were stuck in the house while they were actually gone for long periods of time!...thus the woodwork everywhere is chewed....who would be so cruel?? However, that said the bank is paying for a "smell remedy"...some sort of deionizing process that takes like a week but is guaranteed to work and they will return and do it again if the smell ever comes back. Tim also said that eventually we would lay plastic down and then reconcrete the floor of the basement which should work as well. People do not realize that cats can totally ruin a house with their stink. I am not a cat person but have one that I love immensely! I didnt mean to fall in love with her...but she grew on me and she never does anything wrong. She is a sensitive MY needs..and this is not normal from what I hear. She knows when ever I am sad and will not leave me...she has even licked my tears away...The problem will be too...if the smell is not gone from my cats nose...I am afraid she will spray etc...and be destructive. This is how bad the cat smell is...I am rambling on forever about it...and I am getting ahead of myself. The fat lady never sings for me it seems. :( Sorry this is so long!

  2. I see tons of potential! Searching for a house is one of the most stressful things. You just have to trust and try not to be too freaked out if you have to rent for a while. We kept reminding ourselves last year that we didn't want to make a mistake with such a giant decision and purchase. We felt desperate too...nothing was popping up that we liked in our price range...and our house had sold. Then, we found our current house. And got it for a song...a foreclosure too. Really find out about the pet odors. Make sure that the new concrete will work. Summer tends to bring those smells out in force. The house looks like an old beauty, though. I love all the little details. Keep us posted and I'll be saying prayers!

    1. Courtney, youre right...I do wonder if we should just rent regardless and wait to get just the right home and situation. I am just so tired I cant think straight and I am down to my very last nerve. Totally frayed. I am going to bed in fact at 7:41 pm..cause I am done thinking. Right now...I am a little worried about not even having somewhere to rent...its that bad. We have money coming...but the timing is bad and its not available to us and not sure when......I am trying so hard to be patient and not scared. I know there are many in the same boat...but somehow it feels like we are the only ones having issues....then I think about the people who got this house foreclosed is funny that way..someones trouble someone else's gain...weird. Seems like bad vibes...and energy...if you believe in that type of thing. I do need prayers. Sorry I am unloading on you....sometimes its too easy to do online...Peace to your heart and thanks for the prayers and good thoughts. Laura