Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Been baking !

I made homemade New England Clam Chowder in the crock pot...it was yummy!  My first attempt at it!  Also, I got the book "Artisan Bread in five Minutes a Day" by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois.  It is a great book...and for the first time in my life my bread worked!  All other times ...it turned out like a brick!  And it is so easy to have fresh bread every day.  The dough lasts 14 days in the fridge and it makes about 5 loafs and then you just keep remaking the dough.  It is so easy...I am amazed it works so well...my family loves this bread.  I recommend the book...you can also make many different types of bread as well..you just change the base recipe a bit.
On a different note...I got my flu shot today...and my arm just started really hurting so I am going to stop blogging and get off the computer and get in my jammies early and read. 

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