Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am in love with this place!

* Mute or pause the music to the right when watching this video or it will drive you insane!
I sure wish I lived by this "store".  I would shop here and take every class I could!  It is just a beautiful place...I am just so in love with it.   Someday...perhaps I will have a store like I mentioned before.  Not sure about actually raising the sheep however!  Now..thats a brand new thought in my head.  I do love sheep...always have.   Anyway, I can just appreciate this place so much.!!  It is wonderful all the fiber art in her store displayed....very nice!

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  1. Hey Laura, Just found my way here for the first time and am so happy I did. You and I have so much in common I can't begin to list. But let's just say that when Eva Cassidy started signing, I went to your playlist and love every song on there. I'm a huge fan of London-Wul (was there en route to a Deanne Fitzpatrick workshop) and like you, would take everything if I were closer. Anyway, thanks for putting me on your blogroll - I am adding you to mine right now.