Saturday, October 3, 2009

I ordered my new frame and cutter!

Yea!!! I finally was able to order my first rug hooking supplies! I chose a Wood and Wool frame/station and a fraser 500-1 cutter. Of course, I wanted what every hooker wants...a Townsend or a Bolivar...but for me, to start the Fraser was the best choice...I know that I want to use wider cuts I chose this over the other affordable cutter ...the Bliss...because it can handle wider cuts...I know it will be just fine...especially to start...and day...perhaps..but only if I need to...I will upgrade to a Cadillac. I am really excited about the Wood and Wool seems to have it all....and since I am going to plop it right in the middle of my art gallery....I wanted it to be beautiful and handy...this has a place for the lamp to be attached and the cutter to be attached (not shown on my picture). I await my precious packages! And just in time for my birthday! Next...I need to buy my wool!

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