Friday, October 16, 2009

My new cutter arrived!! And some other fun stuff- I was my birthday what can I say?

My new cutter arrived! Yea! and sizes 5-9 cutter heads...good to start! Although I took a look at the directions with this baby and they were a tad confusing...hmmmm...I can see why you all like the Townsend ...put it in and go...but I am sure I am bright enough figure this out....geeez!
Also, ordered some manuals/books...The Rug Hooking Bible and The Secrets of Planning and designing by Deanne Fitzpatrick and of course...I had to have the new Celebration XIX ! I also ordered one of Gene's DVDs for beginners...which I am waiting for. Reminds me all of the song..."inch by inch ..row by row...I'm going make this (garden) rug hooking go!" If I win lots of money in the lottery or for some reason find myself able to be generous someday over the rainbow... I am starting a scholarship for poor people to get what they need to rug hook...I really will!!!! That will make me feel so good...cause its hard to get started! Maybe when we get this new rug hooking guild going here...we can work together on that endeavor.

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