Saturday, October 24, 2009

My new Wood and Wool frame station

Ive got it all set up and put new frame station from Wood and wool...Minus my chair to sit on and my lamp that fits on with a special attachment that came with it! Ive attached my cutter...see? I just need my wool! I haven't even used all my new equipment...but its sure been a journey getting it all set though!!...I did a lot of research...and had a lot of patience! This all was for my birthday! I think the wool is going to have to wait for Christmas!!...I am hoping that my children and grandchildren will someday enjoy using this equipment...that would be nice! I am a little worried about how this frame was made in that a lot of the strain...seems to be on the wooden ball and wood dowel coming down from the ball (that makes it swivel). I would have made it metal I husband says its solid oak- the dowel...but I know I am going to "hanging, leaning, and moving that frame around quite a bit. Plus the rugs epecially larger ones can really get heavy... It seems to me after time ...this is going to snap! The company has been making these the same way for quite some hopefully this is not the case... As usual...maybe I am worrying for nothing...but this was just my first impression..before I even start using it. Does anyone else have one of these and how do you like it...and do you think this is a problem? I am going to call the company and have a conversation about this... I guess, I'll let you know what transpires after awhile.. That is a beautiful thing isnt it! I love the way it looks and I am really looking forward to using it! I love that it has everything you need right in one spot... a "station"...My gallery customers are already asking what in the heck is that??!! I cant wait to start hooking and see peoples reaction and tell them all about rug hooking!

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