Thursday, October 22, 2009

My NEW "OLD" Rug frame YEAAAA!!!! lovely old rug frame came in the mail! I am so excited! I found it online...It is very old...which is one of the reasons I love it even more...good karma...good creative energy the wood! The woman who sold it said her mother made many a beautiful rug on this...I feel like I was meant to have this...and I am envisioning many wonderful hours sitting at this frame! I really wanted a larger frame like this...and was thinking of buying a Cheticamp frame like the one Deanne Fitzpatrick uses....however, it bothered me that you couldnt tilt Deanne's frame.. This one tilts anyway you want it...and you can change the height as its completely wonderful!! Its labeled as a Fraser Bliss Frame. I really do not know how old it is. I can tell that her mother used to tack the backing or tie it to tighten...but I think I am going to add gripper strips to it. Peace to your heart!

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