Sunday, December 12, 2010

8 Inches of Snow here in Wisconsin!

After I blogged about my quilt which I have been so absorbed in all day...I hadnt even really noticed the weather that every one is talking about here!  8 inches of snow..and very cold.  But it is so pretty!  My son hasnt been too happy as he is the one out there shoveling 2 times today!  We live on a corner with sidewalks so there is quite a bit to do!  Poor David!  I keep trying to tell him how I had to shovel for my folks when I was young and LOVED it!  (Actually I did!-That was before I got tired of the cold and just plain tired!) 

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  1. Tell your David he is doing a marvelous job at the shoveling! I have a David shoveling here too! LOL
    Laura that quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I know you will get it done before Christmas. Wish I could be a mouse in the corner when they open it!
    Happy quilting!
    Cathy g