Sunday, December 5, 2010

Done with everything except the quilting!!

Well...I have it all put together!  Now for the machine quilting!  I am nervous about this!  I am hoping it is fun rather than making me want to pull my hair out!  My machine is so old...and not really made for free motion quilting...and I have never done it I am fretting!  But ONWARD!


  1. Laura,
    I just love this! I hope the machine quilting goes okay! I wouldn't know what I was doing free motion! I am in awe of your talents! Show us when you are done quilting!
    Cathy G

  2. I love love love the little quilt. I love the snow and I love birds. I can't wait to see it when it is finished.
    Yes Onward, don't be afraid. I free motioned one wall hanging on a featherweight. Was fun, but I did get a tuck in the back of it. But it was for my home so I didn't fret to much.

  3. This looks lovely. Good luck. JB

  4. Oh first it was going well....then I decided to outline the birch trees with black thread...kind of messy birch trees are scraggly....well, it looks scraggly alright! Is not turning out as I had it in my mind. It looks messy...a mess! I have to keep going cause its too late to turn back...perhaps it will look somewhat better when I am sure wont win any awards...but I am hoping it wont look to bad to give as a parents are quite picky with what they put on their walls and it was to be an x-mas present. So frustrating to not like what you are doing and still have to keep going. Oh well...such is life.