Monday, December 27, 2010

Thinking of spaces to create

I was thinking today about spaces people have to work in. (ie..their studios)  These are pictures that I had in my computer that I love when thinking about art creating spaces.  (Sorry if they are of your place..I just saved them and didnt post where I found them!)  Anyway...I love each of these for different reasons.  I had more pictures but when my computer crashed I lost them.  A couple of them are actually stores...but they could be turned into studio space just as my mind!  Again, I am just dreaming here...which is fun for me to do.  I do not have a room to play with until my son moves out next fall....and his room is very tiny!  But it will be mine...and I will finally have a space all my own for creating.  Trust me I will miss my son so much that I would rather he stay forever!  But lives moves onward and I will make the best of this.  It will basically be like a large walk in closet space!   But it does have a window and I am thinking I may have my husband put in a skylight.  Isnt if fun to look at creative space people work in? There is a whole magazine devoted to art studios called STUDIOS.  

I think I may get a subscription to this or just buy each one at Barnes and Noble..I have seen them there.

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