Friday, December 3, 2010

An art quilt I am making for a gift

I love all things fiber now I am making a quilt for my mom and dad for their x-mas gift.  This is the first appliqued quilt I have made.  Years ago I made some pieced "country" quilts and they still sit under my bed unfinished.  I am not into country anymore..and dont feel like continuing with the massive amount of hand quilting left on each!  Because I am rather impatient and like to see results quicker and also because I like the more contemporary shapes and landscapes etc...I love the applique process!  I am actually using the fusible web on this one.  So far I love it!  Its so fast.  What will be the deciding factor for me as to whether or not I will continue with the if I can machine quilt-free motion good enough that makes it looks good in the end. I am a little worried about my ability to be able to free motion quilt on my very old and basic machine.  We shall see! I am going to give it a try.  My parents have a very neutral palette  for colors in their home and love nature and birds so I hope they love this.  Its a nice feeling to hand make their gift.  It feels more like a gift from my heart....a part of me that I am giving.
As you can see in one of the new kitty "Sage" is really making it hard to work!  He will not leave me alone and loves to cause havoc with my work!  I am trying to be patient!  He is also digging in all my plants and tormenting my older cat to the point where I am afraid my older cat is going to have a  nervous breakdown!  I had forgotten how much work a baby pet is!  I actually have to put him in a kitty timeout here and there..which he really hates....(his desire is to be with us at all times)...I am not sure animal experts think "time outs" work for cats...but we all sometimes need it!  I also got a spray bottle and we have been spraying him....but that's sometimes hard unless you carry the spray bottle wherever you the time you run and get it and if you dont catch him right in the act I feel it doesn't work. 

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  1. The quilt project looks very interesting. Keep posting progress pics as now I am intrigued with the applique process.
    Good luck with the kitty. I put my dog in a time out every once in awhile. She hates it too.