Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just Dreaming...

I found this cool site where you can get old architectural elements/materials.  It is, to me, a treasure trove! Its called Buy Altered Antiques-Architectural Salvage Online.   I want my husband to someday build me a first floor master suite.  (So, when we are older we do not have to walk up our stairs.  I dream about it having 2 walk in closets, a beautiful bathroom, and large bedroom area with a fireplace across from the bed with 2 reading chairs.  That way I would have somewhere to go when I want to read and Tim is watching TV.  We do not have a family room.  But actually, as we get older I don't necessarily need a huge family room AND living room...that would be too much.  But two chairs in front of a nice fireplace would be perfect for our needs.  Off of this new bedroom, I want him to build me an art studio--a place to quilt and create! ( HEHEHE ...might as well dream big!!)  Anyway, I found this door.  Wouldnt this be cool as the entrance to our bedroom from our dining room? We would just have to put drapes on the other side for privacy.  My husband is a home builder so he could figure it out how to place this.  I just love it.  And then the other picture of  single door I like for our front door.  We are someday going to bump our front door out a ways and create a coat closet and entryway.  Right now, you just walk right into our dining room and there is no entryway.  Keep in mind...I am just DREAMING....but thats ok...right?

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  1. I have dreams like that too. Those doors are fabulous! I hope you get your Master Suite someday.
    Merry Christmas.