Friday, December 17, 2010

I finished!

With a week to spare, I finished my mom and dad's x-mas gift quilt!  This is my very first quilt.  Its not perfect but I love it!  I think they will like it too.  They have neutral and blue colors in their house and they love trees and birds ...just like me.  I cant wait to give it to them.  It really feels good to make your own gift.  Handmade with love! (The pictures arent that good...I will take some when the piece is on the wall at its final destination.)

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  1. Laura,
    You may get this comment disappeared on me the first time I think!
    It turned out fabulous! Your parents are going to LOVE it! I agree there's nothing better than a gift handmade!
    Best Wishes for a beautiful Holiday Season!
    Cathy g