Friday, December 17, 2010

My X-mas gift from my husband

How sweet he is!  When I told him I finished my quilt my husband was so proud of me he just couldnt wait.  He brought out my new sewing machine!  Its a Singer-- Simple.  I dont know anything about it but I am very excited to figure it all out and give it a spin!  The sewing machine I made my first quilt on was....really old and klunky. (An old old Kenmore)  I love me husband....he is so supportive of me.  Someday I may want the nice digital ones especially made for a Janome Horizon or a Bernina 440QE.....but seriously we cannot afford this luxury right now.  This new Singer will take me far!  I am so in love with my hubby that he cared enough to get this for me...all on his own!  It is by far better than what I was using. Plus it so portable with a nice I can take it to classes and workshops!  Who knows I may keep and use it forever...sometimes the simple machines ,once you are totally used to using them, cannot be beat!  Its kind of like my old first guitar, a simple inexpensive guitar my mom bought for me when I was 13...but it is still my favorite guitar to play and I love the sound...and I do have more expensive guitars but I still really love my old one the best.  Thank you Timmy my love--I cant wait to try it out on my 2nd quilt!  I am totally hooked on quilting now!  I would love to take some classes now as is good!


  1. I have the same machine. I think you will like it.

  2. I am glad to hear this! My husband felt bad when I looked it up online. It seemed to have some "issues" from people reviewing it...and I realized how very basic it is. But part of the reason is that I think people getting this machine are probably not your best they would have problems with just about ANY sewing machine! STILL I am excited to have a new machine and it seems like a Cadillac to me right now. I cant wait to try it out. If I could do my machine free motion quilting on the old klunker Kenmore I was using...I feel I could do it on just about ANY machine anyway! Right off the bat I see that it has a knob to lower the feed dogs which is more then I can say from the ol Kenmore! Anyway, I am glad to hear you like it. It was so thoughtful of my husband.