Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am at a standstill in snowy Wisconsin!

I just ordered this extension table from Sears.  (Not cheap!)  When I was at the retreat I borrowed one from someone there and I found that I dont think I can sew without one now.  So....I am waiting till it comes ...supposedly on the 8th or around there.  I am taking a break from actual sewing and doing other design things till then...trying to figure out what I want to do with my new striped fabric.  I am thinking of using the traditional piecing on this one!  Can you believe it??!  I never thought I would say that...but it needs to be done that way to look good...I think. I am more scared to do this than my fusing it requires more perfection..and formal-ness..and will have very little machine quilting on it.  I dont want to take away from the stripes movement...I may just quilt in the ditch.  (attached is the picture of my striped fabric again)..but I am going to try! And I will be playing around with my still life pattern..which will be a total fusing project and machine stitching as usual....but right now I have kind of lost my MOJO...a bit!  Its so snowy too!!...too bad...I could be sewing away..what a perfect time to quilt!....but I think I am going to read now....and thats ok too!
 I have decided to combine this fabric with lots of black.....somehow.. I have this nice black imperfect linen that will be great with it.

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