Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An idea for rug hooking

I have been so busy quilting but I would like to also get back to hooking.  I want to make a cover for a footstool, my tote bag that I have a pattern for and possibly some of these belts.  Arent they a neat idea for rug hookers?  These can be ordered by the catalog Acacia.com. (to give the source credit).  Acacia is an awesome catalog company...beautiful and unique items and I encourage you to shop the store!


  1. Very cute and unique. I have been wanting to hook a cover for a footstool also, and I have been looking around for an old one at thrifts stores etc. No luck yet

  2. Me too...I thought it would be fairly easy to find old foot stools and cover them....but its hard to find ones that arent for some reason like 6 inches high! (Like they were made for mini people or little ol ladies)..I want them to be higher almost to the height of the chair your sitting in, fairly large...and comfy not hard...yes, very hard indeed to find! I have had no luck either! I had a little bit better luck at an antique mall..but didnt quite find the right ones there either....Im waiting for garage sale season to start!!! I cant wait...I brake for garage sales! :)

  3. I saw these today in their email post! I love the belt idea!