Monday, February 28, 2011

Last pictures of Koi its home at last!

 My daughter, Hannah, in her home with the new quilt!  I couldn't get the flash to work properly.  I think she likes it very much.  She was a bit worried about all the color...later, after I started it, she said she was thinking she should have asked for a more neutral colored quilt.  She was worried her fiance doesn't like too much color.  But he is ok with it...and I have been trying to tell Hannah to get some pillows and a throw  to tie it all in. (I watch too much HGTV...I was saying we need a "pop" of color to tie it in.) :) I said I would buy her some pillows and etc...but she said NO....I will buy it IF I want  to...she definitely does not want me decorating her home for her!...Its too bad...just because I love doing it...and it would be fun for me...but I cant over step my boundaries.  AHHH...motherhood. I think about my own mother and how she lived to decorate her home...and thinking back-she never over stepped her boundaries with my home even when I was really young.  I never even remember her making suggestions which is kind of odd...but I , too, always had very specific ideas and loved to decorate.  I never had any I have always did what I could with thrift store, garage sale and estate sale finds as well as hand me downs.  To this day, I enjoy decorating this gives it an eclectic and interesting look besides the fact that it keeps it affordable!
My engaged moves way too fast sometimes!  We had fun when I was there looking at the computer at places to have her wedding and looking at a Bride's Dress magazine.  She is thinking about going to Jamaica for her wedding so I really have something to try to lose weight for so I can get in my suit without crying!  I have been working out for a couple months now pretty intensely.  I have been frustrated with the lack of weight loss... although my pants have fit a bit better I certainly dont need to buy all new clothes by any means!  Finally after a little over 2 months I finally lost 5 lbs.  I am hoping that because I worked so hard to get that will be likely to remain off instead of a daily roller coaster.  I figure I had like 44 lbs to lose!  So now I have seems insurmountable!  At just seems to be so hard.  Ahh...well, I know I am not alone...seems just about every woman I know is trying to lose weight all the time.  I really try not too talk about it all the time.  But actually I am so proud that I have been working out.  I feel so much wise and I do think I notice that my body looks better...I love Anytime Fitness Gym and I go there for 1.5 hours about 3-5 days a week and then on Sundays my husband and I swim laps at the local high school for 45 min to an hour.  It feels good.  I have been bad for the last 3 years when I started my art gallery.  Starting a business does not allow one much time to do anything but the business while it is so young.  Well, enough about weight.  But I am proud of myself for trying so hard.  I feel good about moving and exercising again.  

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