Sunday, January 9, 2011

I love Craigs list!

I am creating a  new art studio for my fiber art and other art I do.  Unfortunately, it is going to be down in the yucky basement.  There is no other space for it and I really need room to leave my projects out and not be in the way.  So, my husband says we are going to make do with what space we have.  You will see the transformation on this blog.  He promises me it wont be hideous when we are through. ( I am crossing my fingers) So, I found these 2 sewing furniture pieces on Craig's List.(Just sitting in my living room as they just delivered them..)  The one sewing cabinet opens up in 3 ways..(it is all closed in the picture).  I love it!!..It is just what I was looking for.  And the other piece is a cutting table which I will have opened completely in the middle of my studio. It is nice and high.  I will get a couple tall stools so I can work up to it. The pieces were not even a third of the cost if I had bought them I said...I love Craigs List!

 Offfice Max has this chair...the black and white one...that I want to see how comfortable it is to sit at while sewing....  I find I dont really sit back ever anyway.into a chair when I am I dont really need a fancy desk chair...just a comfy seat at the right height.  I also like the white chair on wheels pictured top for an extra chair that zips around...

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