Monday, January 31, 2011

My new mukalucks! Going to need them!

Ordered my new boots...going to need them!  We are supposed to get tons more snow to the already large amounts of snow here in Wisconsin.
I just got over the flu...I went to a quilt retreat and started to feel badly Saturday morning....kept trying and trying to not be sick...but couldnt quite pull it off...I was pale and had stomach pains...and sooooo tired...but still I kept trying as I thought it was nothing...but it was turned into the full blown flu Sunday afternoon when I got home...and I am just now getting up and around.
I realized though that I am an ART QUILTER and that a traditional quilt retreat....may not be something I want to do again ...I think I would have enjoyed it more if it there was at least one person who did what I did...I felt like a fish out of water.  They did have some sewing techniques to teach me as their sewing skills were better than mine by far....but otherwise I just did not fit in.  Personally, I dont know how people can get excited about making things from other peoples patterns all the time...and in their world...triangles, squares and rectangles and variences thereof.  I just cannot and would never fit into that mold.  I couldnt get excited about it....but they do...and god bless them..they were very pleasant and nice women...but I need to be more careful as to how I place myself for a whole weekend....They were like.."There is one in every crowd!"  I guess uniqueness..???  Sometimes I wonder why God made me sooooo very different all the time...most times I enjoy my uniqueness.  I wonder though why I ALWAYS have to be so different!
Well, here's to being over the flu and hoping I dont have another flu bug for a very long time as that sucked!!

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