Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New "tools" of my trade

I thought I would share some new "tools" to my artwork.  Everyone seems to be on the bandwagon with art journals but if you ask me they take too much time away from you 'real" art.  Unless you really love to do it and for some that IS there art medium!  I am a journalist and I write in one daily.  I have probably 4 around the house to write my thoughts in.  But I wanted one specifically for my art ideas.  So, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked the 5 dollar blank book up.  It is beautiful and such a deal...nice crisp 8 x 11 sheets.  I can put all my thoughts and ideas and sketches for new quilts..etc...I can tape pictures in there from magazines or copied out of books for inspiration...I mean this is not for anyone else be for me to see...so you dont need to worry about spelling...stealing someones work..I put pictures of other peoples work for inspiration or to remember an element about it that I like and may want to try in my own way someday...Its not so pretty that it takes time away from my real art...but everything is in one place.  So, now when someone tells me about an iron cleaner that works well to get fusing off your iron...I put it in my journal.  It isnt the most organized becuase then again, it would be taking too much time away from my art...and while looking for a tid bit of info...I come across things I ended up being glad I came across anyway! 
The second is a beautiful leather book that I got a  thrift store for soooo cheap...(compared to what most leather bound books are these days).  I am going to use to showcase all of my artwork. especially my art quilts and hooked rugs.  Then I tote this with me when I go places where someone might be interestd in looking....like my grandchildren brag book.....although I dont have grandchildren...YET!

The pages are this beautiful handmade thick paper with flecks of flower petals in it... I just cant wait till it starts getting filled with pictures of my artwork.


  1. Wow Laura! What a great find! That leather journal is to dye for! Perfect for your work!
    I tend to agree that getting all fancy with an inspirational journal takes time that we could be sewing, hooking, etc. A simple one like you're doing is a great idea. Now if I could just do that!
    Thanks for sharing this and enjoy every moment filling that leather beauty with your great photos!
    Cathy G

  2. Hi Cathy! Just wanted to show people that they dont have to make each page a piece of art....unless they feel like it! I get a lot of books out of the library and watch a lot of DVDs on art and its nice to have a place to jot the things in the book I want to remember.
    Hope you are well! I am looking forward to my quilt retreat this Friday...trying to get my top done so I can spend the whole weekend just machine quilting. I am going to just make it I think...(probably should get off the computer and start working! heehe)

  3. Its a great idea. I have thought of starting one many times but never seem to get around to it. I often see things that I think will make great future rug designs but the pages remain blank. I love seeing yours. Maybe it is the inspiration I needed.