Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I started my new quilt!

Started my new quilt!  I know, it looks like a mess...but I sure am having fun!  I realized today, thanks to my husband, who said, "why didnt you reverse the picture when you made your pattern enlarged at kinkos so you wouldnt have to bother reversing it the hard way?  Because I cant find my light table I have been cutting out all my pieces and turning them upside down to cut my stupid of me!  Its one of those aha moments! It is taking my 2-3 times longer and many extra steps....aghhh!   I told my husband ..."You know, no one taught me how to do this...I am figuring it out as I go...mistakes are part of learning."..I tell you though that is one thing I will never do wrong again!  Duhhhh.

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