Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top is done! Ready for quilting anyway!!

Well I finished putting all the layers together!  I am so exhausted but excited.  I am going to be able to take tomorrow and use it for getting to know my new sewing machine and not working on the quilt!  I need a day off before the big weekend...I see already a few, I think I am not going to use wool batting next was too last quilt was fine..but this is a bigger quilt so I had to get a bigger piece of batting and the wool just bunched up everywhere.  I liked wool because it was not so stiff as the other....but I am going to try the other next time.  Also, I used the light fusing this time because I knew I was going to have more layers than my last quilt.  This was a mistake.  I am going to use the regular weight fusing from now on. but its just not as sticky as the regular weight and the pieces are already starting to come off and I still need to bunch it all up and quilt the thing!  Hopefully things will stay in place enough that it wont become a mess.  I learn as I go.  This is life!

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