Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I felted this ring first attempt.  I made it too time I will make it skinnier and I also made it too big for my finger...I thought bigger better...and I will shrink it...Well, I dont know why my wool sweaters always get shrunk in the wash and especially if they go in the dryer, but do you think I could shrink this ring? No!  I tried 3 times...I got it very wet and put it in the dryer 3 shrinkage.  So, now I have to re-cut it and try to re felt the connection.  I hope this is possible.  I am going to embroider on the ring as well ...I just want to make sure it fits before I start embroidering. (Oh, and I am a fiber dont look at my very dry and un-manicured hands and nails...also its Winter in Wisconsin!)
 finished the lily pads...sorry if you are bored with this...I am doing it for myself so I can see progress...also, it looks different to me and I can see where I need to make changes...Most of the lilies in this picture are paper...I am not done with the lily flowers.  Will try to do that tomorrow and the next day.


  1. Caught a glimpse of the felted rug yesterday but didn't have time to comment. Looks very promising - can't wait to see the final. And the fish quilt is looking gorgeous!!!

  2. This sitting on my table and not on my finger! I made it too large. I tried to shrink it many amazes me how everything you dont want to shrink does and this ring got bigger! So I have to re-cut it and try to make it smaller.(Which I am not sure you can do once you felt the heck out of it with a needle! Then I am going to embroider all over it. Its just a first attempt...I try to remember that perfection is the killer of all things good. My husband says he would like to try to make a "manly" one for him.